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Honor the Lord with your wealth and then your barns will be filled with plenty, and your vats will be bursting with wine. (Proverbs 3:9-10)

Receive Miracle Power in your life by supporting the Ministry. Some are called to wage war in the forefront and some are called to stay as a part, cheering, praying, upholding and supporting those who are sent to wage war for the LORD. This is the principle that King David instituted in his first notable victory over the Amalekites.

But as his part is who goes down to the battle, so shall his part be who stays by the supplies; they shall share alike. (1 Samuel 30:23)

Shofar Kingdom Partners (SKP’s) are an integral part of Shofar Tabernacle ministry. SKP’s have been our pillar and strength since our inception. Our focus on SKP’s is the foremost as we consider ourselves accountable to them.

Enroll to contribute and support the ministry as a SKP in the following ways:

  • Monthly Pledge
  • Quarterly Pledge
  • Yearly Pledge
  • One-time Pledge

SKP Privileges:

  • Receive Periodical Reports and Ministry Updates.
  • Receive Periodical Mementos (e-books, gifts, etc.,)
  • Receive Personalized Biblical Promises, Counsel and Guidance in Audio, Video, Graphical format for your personal and financial well-being.
  • Regular Prayers are offered for the overall growth and well-being of every SKP for good health, protection, family life, job and business by our Shofar Prayer Warriors and Fellowships.
  • Receive sponsored Invitation to join our Partner Conference, Seminars and Meetings from time to time.
  • Selected Partner’s can request for Mentorship and also join the Ministry as Evangelists, Pastors and Bible Teachers.

Join a Shofar Prayer Fellowship (Become a Shofar Warrior)

Then He spoke a parable to them, that men always ought to pray and not lose heart. (Luke 18:1)

Prayer is one such pillar out of the 3 facets of our ministry, the other two being Evangelism and Bible Teaching.

  • Shofar Prayer Warriors will receive Shofar Prayer Manuel to aid them in Praying.
  • Prayer Fellowships will be monitored and Record maintained.
  • Reporting Structure of Prayer Fellowships will be maintained.

Missionary movements have produced great results by Prayer Groups. A Prayer Group brings up spiritual light in that particular area that wreaks havoc to the demonic world. Consistent Prayer pushes the demonic centered activity in that area to darker places by increasing the light. In the military world, infantries that wage war with ground forces are supported by Air Power, Air Artillery and Tanks in order to clear the fences to conquer more territory. It’s the same effect in the spiritual world. Ground forces that are active in Evangelism must be supported with constant Prayer Groups in order to conquer and prevail.

The vision and focus of Shofar Prayer Fellowship is about the Kingdom of God and not just our ministry. Shofar Prayer Manual will include Prayer Points for ushering the Kingdom of God on earth, for all Churches / Men of God / Ministries / Persecution / Prayer Requests received in our Churches / Global Trends / World Issues / Moral and Ethical standards of Society, Nation and the World and so on. The manual will also mandate to Pray for Shofar Tabernacle Ministry needs and vision along with the other cited topics.

Any person of any denomination and church anywhere can become a Shofar Prayer Warrior.

Join a Shofar Prayer Fellowship

Do you have a Passion for Prayer?? Are you looking for a Fellowship to join for Prayer? Here are the list of Shofar Prayer Fellowship (SPF)’s across the city of Hyderabad, you are welcome to join any of these prayer groups and contact the leader in-charge.

Neredmet SPF Mrs. Sabitha Sumeet

#52, Road No.3, WSK (West Sri Krishna Nagar) Neredmet. (Near to Krupa Complex, Safilguda) Hyderabad. Telengana –500056

Contact No. 9980023189

Register for Mentorship (Become a Shofar Leader)

2 Kings 2:15 Now when the sons of the prophets who were from Jericho saw him, they said, “The spirit of Elijah rests on Elisha.” And they came to meet him, and bowed to the ground before him.

Joshua became a great leader after he was mentored by Moses, David by Samuel, Elisha by Elijah. 12 Fishermen became 12 Apostles after being mentored by Jesus, Timothy became a Church overseer after being mentored by Apostle Paul. The model of mentorship has till date been significant, extending the baton of spiritual power and anointing from the Mentor to the Mentee.

Many believers have the desire to serve the Lord but lack of training and experience in spiritual matters is a deterrent to Christian Ministry and so believers become disoriented and discouraged when they encounter spiritual attacks and dangers. However, a skilled person in the field knows how to anticipate, prepare, prevent and overpower every spiritual danger and attack and surge forward. The Shofar Mentorship Program is designed to mentor Believers, Pastors and Leaders who are in genuine need of counsel and guidance. The mentorship is a one-to-one program that requires an environment of openness, transparency, accountability, commitment and submission to the spiritual authority. Pastor Sumeet MJ has a total ministry experience of 18 years. His spiritual insights have helped many leaders and transformed them into true disciples of Jesus Christ. Shofar Tabernacle Church itself is a ‘Disciple Church’, the motto of which is to teach, prepare, empower and send Disciples to win souls for our Lord and establish the Kingdom of God.

Register “Your Church” in our Shofar Network (Become a Shofar General)

Shofar Tabernacle Ministries welcomes any Independent or New Church to come under its network of Churches. Many Pastors are looking forward for like-minded organizations to partner and be benefitted by collective strength in doing the work of the Lord. If you are looking for your Church to connect to our network and so receive spiritual support and encouragement, we welcome you to join us in a relationship that will mutually benefit us and empower us to collectively do more for our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

  • We work around a framework of Prayer, Counsel, Encouragement and Moral Support.
  • We believe in giving you the independence and the freedom of expression and decision-making.
  • Our Goal is to empower you to become a General of the Lord by standing along with you.

I am a Shofar Kingdom Partner supporting Bro.Sumeet Manakan from the beginning of year 2010 in his early days as an Evangelist. I have personally brought many families to the weekly meetings conducted and later to Shofar Tabernacle Church. Each single person who has attended the ministry and has received prayer has experienced divine blessings. We have seen the fulfilment of many prophecies made over us. Personally, our family has been immensely blessed, protected, guided by divine counsel until this time and we wish to continue our support. Today, by prayers my job has been blessed, also my daughters education and my son who has recently joined a reputed law college in North India. All Glory and Praise to our Lord Jesus for empowering Shofar Tabernacle Ministries.

– Brother Ramesh Babu J, Bangalore. India

After receiving the Miracle of a Baby after 5 years of Marriage and witnessing the power of God personally by the prayers of Pastor Sumeet Manakan, I have volunteered to become an SKP. Since then, I am experiencing the blessings of God being added in my life giving me emotional peace, favor and grace. All thanks be to Jesus, our Lord and Healer.

– Kranthi, Hyderabad

Whenever I am in emotional distress, I call Pastor Sumeet and have received prayers. His prayers, counsel and spiritual guidance have helped me in numerous occasions. I am blessed today and am continuing to grow in my Faith in Jesus Christ and the Word. Thank you for the encouraging biblical promises and prayers.

– Miss.Pricilla, Bangalore. India.


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