Ideas to kill Boredom

30 Ideas to kill boredom

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Life for some people turns out to be very boring while to some it is not so. Why? There are various reasons for this. Some get so caught up with their present misery that they are unable to look beyond, while some minds have a horizon that can’t look beyond what they know and practice, Its limited by their experience and senses. Some are so naïve and innocent that they must be taught, must be led by some others, they simple won’t  be able to decide on their own. In my years of experience in ministry, I have come across so many who have become recluse, depressed and went down hill just because they didn’t know how to be comforted in life, break out of addictions, see something new out of the old repeating sin. 

Whatever the reason, this blog post will enlighten you to some ideas that you can try and decide on your own. Not everything is meant for you but at least one such idea could be yours or the post may also help you to stir up your imagination for an idea of your own. 

The following is a sample list of 30 ideas. Some cost a little while some have no cost: 

  1. Go for a walk in the park
  2. Call for a meeting with old friends at a common place
  3. Meet a new friend to chat
  4. Call a Relative or Friend and spend time
  5. Go for a Jog every morning
  6. Sit and Meditate during your free time
  7. Spend time Praying
  8. Read some informational or devotional book
  9. Develop a unique hobby – collecting stamps, coins, antique’s etc.,
  10. Draw or Paint
  11. Learn an Instrument – Guitar, Keyboard, Drums etc.
  12. DIY – Recycle Waste, Build Interiors etc.,
  13. Home Gardening
  14. Cooking / Learning New Recipes
  15. Teach the Under Privileged
  16. Visit Orphanages / Old Age Homes
  17. Study History
  18. Counselling to the Hopeless, Distraught and Struggling
  19. Learn Foreign or New Languages
  20. Play Cricket or any Sport – Badminton, Table Tennis, Snooker, etc.
  21. Interior Designing
  22. Scan for Real Estate
  23. Gather Spiritual Knowledge of World Religions / Faith’s
  24. Read or Watch Documentaries / Wikipedia / Biographies etc and challenge others.
  25. Explore Innovation in Software / Hardware . Become a Solution Provider
  26. Learn Mechanical Engineering on your own – Service your vehicle etc.
  27. Explore – Cities, States, Countries etc., (Culture, People, Language etc.,)
  28. Be a Travel Blogger or Explorer.
  29. Watch stand up comedians on YouTube or comedy shows and laugh heartily.
  30. Go to Gym or do Home Gym

If you know of some better ideas, don’t hesitate to please mention them in the comments section. 🙂



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