Being Led by the Spirit

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A New Initiative! A New Direction!

Today, In my Blog, “True Worship”, I have decided to chart on a new course under the “My Diary” Category where I will be sharing with you in all Sincerity, Honesty and Transparency the path of my Struggle and my Experience in all these 20 years in Ministry of serving the LORD and His People. I will be sharing with you the various experiences I had during these years, the success and the failures, the ups and the downs.

I hope this Blog / Category will speak to many so that they can learn and relate and be equipped with more insight and knowledge.

Being Led by the Spirit:
Romans 8:14 For all who are being led by the Spirit of God, these are sons of God.

The verse above means a lot to me since I have lived in it. In the early days of my Salvation, in the year 2000, I had just then made a decision to accept Christ and abide in His ways. But soon after my decision and subsequent Salvation, I was rather more confused about how to go about living in the new way. In the city of Chennai, all alone, I was running hither and thither seeking Spiritual Fellowship and Guidance but all my eyes could see or my seeking from people took me was to Catholic Churches where I felt myself someone amongst the mass, just another number. I didn’t desire this rather longed for a community of real truth seeking believers of the true faith. My desperation was increasing by the day and week as I kept myself seeking and searching and finding no rest for months.

However, God watches over the Seekers, His eyes see the sons of men and their intentions and scans the motives of their heart. God knew mine! Then a time came when I was alone in my room, when I heard the flutter of a Dove’s Wings while in prayer and instantly I was filled with the Holy Spirit. It was after this experience that I was led finally to a Church and Community and found a friend whom God inspired to talk to me, lead me to his home, listen and encourage a stranger like me. But God did it! The Spirit led me… more I was aimless, a wanderer, a left out. The Spirit guided me.

Sometimes, we all need this leading of the Holy Spirit in our confused state of mind. We need direction, we need counsel. We are not for any place or for anyone. We are destined for a specific place for someone to share and live. Unless we reach this purpose and plan of God by the Holy Spirit, we will still be confused and be wanderers in the wilderness. I pray everyone will receive this divine help and walk in it. Amen!


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