Keys to Understanding and Overcoming Fear

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What’s happening here???? Its Fear! You are about to get into a flight, there’s a strange feeling bothering you on the inside. You feel something wrong is going to happen, maybe or may not be. Whatever! It’s making you feel uncomfortable. What’s happening here?? Its Fear!

Fear attacks us everywhere, anywhere, anytime and every time. Fear follows us. Fear doesn’t regard stature, it attacks the weak, it falls on the mighty. None is spared! Fear has a crippling effect. Fear stops us in achieving and conquering. The effects of fear are far-reaching and damaging to Spiritual Growth, it affects our Mental and Physical well-being too.

– Fear cannot be defined, its too vast by itself. It has many cousins.
– Fear can be of anything. I am listing a few fears, that we all have.
– Fear of Driving, Swimming, Jumping etc.
– Fear of Facing New Opportunities, New Ventures, New Initiatives.
– Fear of Failure, Rejection, Acceptance
– Fear of Uncertainties, Accidents, Fall-outs, etc.
– Fear of Loss – Money, People, Status, Position, Posts etc.
– Fear of Man
– Fear of Intimidation

The above list is just a tip of the iceberg, there is more to tell. Fear is around here to stay! It spares none. How then do we handle fear? Many of us are prey to fear, victims of its whimsies. Is there a way to confront it, overcome it?

Oh Yes!! There’s always a answer for any challenge….a way, a road even in the wilderness.

4 Simple keys to tackle fear:

1. Accept It

Many of us have a problem in accepting that we are victims of fear. This makes the diagnosis even difficult. When we deny that there is something, you can be sure, there’s gonna be no way to come out it because in our understanding, the problem doesn’t even exist. This is why, accepting that we are victims of fear is the first step towards moving ahead to find a real solution.

2. Face It

Facing our fear is the next bold step that you must take. Unless, you come face to face with the issue that is bothering you, you won’t be able to overcome it. I don’t know what Fear you are facing right now, it could be anything that is listed above or something which is not mentioned here, yet, you must Face it in order to Triumph over it. This is where Israel failed and David succeeded, Israel couldn’t face their greatest fear – Goliath, whereas David went ahead with strong Faith in his heart to bring down the Giant.

3. Overcome It

Thanks be to God who leads us Triumphantly through Christ Jesus, our Lord. Amen! When you face your fear, you are positioned to overcome it. Bible says, resist the Devil and he will flee. Resist Fear with courage, with strength and conviction that God is by your side to give you the victory for the Glory of Jesus. Overcome fear by the weapons of God’s Word. Speaking the Scriptures to yourself out and loud, really helps in overcoming fear.

4. Master It

David killed the bear and the lion and so it was easy for him to visualize killing the Goliath. Mastering your Fear is the key here. Once you begin to move head overcoming and conquering, you will adopt the victory lap as your living style. This is what happens in sports too. Champions have their previous victory on the top of their mind when they are playing their sport and it helps them with tremendous confidence to move ahead winning their current game.

Feel free to write in to and do let me know any area of your concern so I can pray and counsel you in the right direction for the glory of our Lord. Good Day!