Kingdom of Babylon

Kingdom of Babylon

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The Month of December 2019, I was in my Church praying in the day, during this time, I heard loud slogans over the streets; groups of people carrying flags of political parties, in rallies, the sight was intriguing. There were women and children rallying behind the party they chose for themselves. In the newspapers, there were offers by every party – free loan waivers in their manifesto, free houses, free utilities etc, the list was exhaustive. Everywhere there was an aura of political vendetta all parties competing for a place in the Election. Which party will win?? Who will be the new leader of the State??

In my mind, I was running through spiritual thoughts….”What king of Kingdom is being established here on Earth?” “What do the people want?” “What do I want as a Pastor and a spiritual person??”

These thoughts opened my mind to a plethora of questions and the LORD was kind enough to lead me towards the answers too. The answer was this – IT WAS ALL ABOUT THE KINGDOM OF BABYLON!!
The kingdom of Babylon and its rule has since long been striving on this earth. The principles behind the Kingdom of Babylon since the ancient are the same even today – “POWER! CONTROL! DOMINION!

Ruthless as it is, it doesn’t spare anyone. There are hidden plots inside, devious and wicked but on the face it looks like it’s without spot and blemish. Leaders are not what they are inside. Welcome to a world of manipulation where the fittest survive, the strong take hold at the cost of the weak and the ruthless at the cost of the innocent. It’s BABYLON!

Genesis 11:1-9 talks of the “Tower of Babel”, that’s where it all started. The people tried to build kingdoms to dominate, rule and control but the LORD came down and scattered them all (Genesis 11:7-8). There is a power at work building the Kingdom of Babylon and there is a power that destroys the efforts of this kingdom too and that power belongs to the Kingdom of God. Satan is the King of one and Jehovah the King of the other.

Since these times, the fight between these two has been happening in the unseen world and the kingdom of God has always been winning. Look at the list of the bearers of the Kingdom of Babylon – Nebuchadnezzar, Alexander, Cyrus, Napoleon, Adolf Hitler, Genghis Khan etc. When it didn’t work out with the Monarch’s, the Kingdom of Babylon persevered under the Socialist and Colonial regimes – the Russian Empire with Stalin, Marx and Lenin, Mao, the British Empire, the Caliphate, the Mongols and so on. A ruthless kingdom that has drunk the blood of the innocent, slaughtered millions, plundered creation – All for Money, Power, Control! This kingdom has now adopted a deceptive garb in the times we are living. Don’t be cheated by this, it’s still drinking blood of the innocent, killing lives but stealthily.

There is so much to know about how these two kingdoms work, their philosophies, their methods and principles.

Listen to the Podcast for a detailed insight here:


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