5 Things to Learn from Sarah

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 Isaiah 51:2 – Look to Abraham! Look to Sarah who bore you!

In my earlier post, we looked at the traits of Abraham (if you haven’t read, read it here) , truly an amazing character in the Bible. Now, we will look at Sarah, wife of Abraham. God is asking us to look to the perfect couple of the Bible – Abraham and Sarah as a model of Spiritual discipline, faith and character. Here are some key traits to note in this amazing couple in the Bible.


  1. Trust in the Authority of her Husband

A man’s life and family is built around the woman of the house. She is so important. A woman has the power to make or break the family. If not for Sarah, wife of Abraham, Abraham would never have accomplished a spiritual journey and achieved a spiritual lineage because Sarah’s support to Abraham was vital in every turn in his life. Sarah knew how to trust in the authority of her husband and in his ability to lead the family according to God’s Will. 

  1. Submitted to her Husband’s Will to Follow God.

Sarah is also a perfect example of submission. There are women today, who are blessed with good husbands, skilled and talented, yet, are on their own course. Desiring to serve God was a difficult decision for Abraham as he had to forsake many comforts, luxuries in the initial faith journey. Sarah submitted to her husband’s will in the matter of serving God on a difficult path (1 Peter 3:6). That meant she had to focus away from the worldly pleasures and ambitions and devote herself to service. Truly, an amazing commitment on her behalf.

  1. Respect towards Husband

The Bible mentions that Sarah revered her Husband as “Lord” (1 Peter 3:6). A family can only function at its best when there is an environment of mutual love and respect. 

  1. Hospitality

We see in the life of Sarah, that she was hospitable enough towards strangers. She cooked and served when the LORD visited Abraham with two others (Genesis 18:6). She was quick and efficient to host the visitors.

  1. Fear of God

Sarah knew the God of her husband and she feared the LORD (Genesis 18:15) along with Abraham her husband. Fearing God is to be fearful of His presence and also be reverent. Sarah, did both!



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