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Shofar Tabernacle Ministries

Our Core Values

  • Shofar Tabernacle believes in the language of Love, Compassion, Care, Tolerance and Warmth towards everyone. We do not believe in the language of being strict, condemning, accusing or in being prejudiced.

  • Shofar Tabernacle is Non-denominational in its approach towards the Global Body of Christ. While we do not differentiate on the basis of denomination, we are careful to explain or present each denomination to the choice of the listener in out Teachings. Its each one's prerogative or decision to chose his or her own path. However, they must be given the opportunity of an explanation.

  • It is the aim and effort of our Ministry not to hurt the religious sentiments of any other faith. We will adhere to maintain a decorum in our Preaching, Teaching and other discourses.

  • We believe in God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit. The Triune God. The unity in the Trinity - three in one.

  • We believe in Jesus Christ as the Son of God, born of the Virgin Mary, Immaculately conceived, man without Sin, God manifested in flesh. 

  • We believe that Jesus is God and the only way to Heaven. All authority, judgement has been passed on by the Father to His son.

  • We believe in the Death and Resurrection of Jesus and the hope of His promise to all those who believe in Him is the Resurrection to Eternal Life.

  • We believe that the cross is the way to perfection and faith in Jesus Christ working through Grace is the way to Eternal Life.

  • We believe the Word of God to be the absolute truth. The Word of God is coherent, concurrent and complete.

  • We believe in the Gifts and Power of the Holy Spirit to be the vehicle of Glory and Advancement of the Kingdom of God on earth and so are deemed necessary.

  • We believe in the supernatural workings of the Holy Spirit - Speaking of Tongues, Healing of the Sick, Laying on of Hands and Baptism of Fire, Prophecy etc.,


Our Vision….. ………… make the Gentiles obedient (to the Gospel). - Romans 15:18 

  • SEARCH & REACH the unreached 

    •  Pray and Look for opportunities 

    •   Connect with the others 

    •  Develop Partner relationships  

  • PREACH the Gospel to the gentiles 

    • Gospel Meetings - public places/ weekly meetings / home prayer groups  

    • Revival meetings to unreached people groups 

    •  Composed Songs (praise & worship)  

  • TEACH the Gospel to build a strong commitment to the Truth

  • Unbiased Bible Study 

  • Exposit Current Christian trends & establishments 

  • Warn about current trends that are opposing to the truth 

  • Bible teaching and empowerment

  • Discipleship & Mentoring  

  • CONVINCE about the Truth 

  • Produce testimonial videos of Shofar Miracles

  • Convince without hurting other religious beliefs & traditions. 

  •  Use divine revelations 

  • Use of divine empowerment – (through prayer & intercession)

  • DEMONSTRATE the Power of the Holy Spirit

  •  Operate in the power of the Holy Spirit 

  • Operate in the gifts of the Holy Spirit 

  • Operate in the fruit of the Holy Spirit  

  • BUILD God’s Kingdom 

  • Church Plantation 

  • Bible College 

  • Strong and dependable inter-connections with Churches that are planted

Different Icons
Shofar Vision
Working Together on Project


  • Raise up an Army of Mature Believers

  • Lead the Flock of God in a Complete Comprehensive understanding of the Bible, lead them to the right interpretation and understanding of the Holy Scriptures.

  • Go deep in Revelation, bring new light and active interest and participation by our Teaching Conferences and Seminars.

  • Reach the Gentiles with Evangelical Crusades and Revival Meetings.

  • Identify the thirsty and enroll them in our Discipleship Program giving them a strong foundation of Biblical Doctrine and Training.

  • Mentor lay believers into Ministers of God and Kingdom Workers.

  • Conduct Prayer Meetings, All Night Prayer and fan the flame.

Shofor Mission
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