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Shofar Programs/  Initiatives

Bible Teaching Conferences

Jesus was Himself called as "Rabbi" meaning "Teacher". There is a great need in the present day Church for clarity, intent, context, time, application of Bible Subjects. It is our burden to fill this gap through our Bible Seminars / Conferences. 

Shofar Discipleship Programs

Jesus commanded us to go and make Disciples of all Nations. Once a person is "Born-Again" in the Kingdom of God, he must be mentored on a constant basis under a Mentor-Mentee program where practical demonstrations, discipline and personal attention is given towards spiritual maturity and growth. Dr. Sumeet MJ personally monitors his mentees in a one-to-one relationship with his mentees.

Shofar Awakenings!

The vision of Shofar Tabernacle is to "make the Nations Obedient to the Gospel" outlined in Romans 15:18-19. Taking over the Nations is a part of this great call and commission. Gospel Initiatives, Revival Meetings and Fellowships have been conducted in various cities in India such as Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Telangana, Andhra and Maharashtra as of now and we plan to enlarge the boundaries to create a powerful spiritual impact and influence.

In Person


Plot No.70/71, Flat 302. Road No.2,

Madhavapuri. Sainikpuri P.O.

Hyderabad. Telangana - 500094


Your seed offering makes a huge

difference in helping us provide a wholistic healing to the Nations (Revelations 22:2)

Over the Phone

Get in touch with Dr.Sumeet on

+91 9986004849

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