The Anointing

The Anointing, Part 2 – Facts about the Anointing

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This post is a continuation of “The Anointing, Part I – Why we should know about the Anointing?”. If you haven’t read Part 1, please do so to understand the context around this topic. Thanks! 

These points are revealed in the spirit by God, so please read with Reverence, Believe and Walk in them: 

1. Anointing is found in Heaven with the Angels. (Angels also share the Anointing) 

The government of God in Heaven is by the “Anointing”. God also has given on earth the same governmental structure just as it is in Heaven. There are Angels in Heaven who are commissioned with a particular Anointing, empowered with supernatural ability to execute a God given task such as the Angel Gabriel who works under the Anointing of “Preaching the Good News”, the same is on earth as God’s people also as Evangelists are anointed by God to preach the Good News of the Gospel. There are Angels under “Healing Anointing” who are sent to lay hands on the sick and heal the afflicted, there are Angels under the Prayer and Warfare Anointing whose main task is to fight the demonic forces in the spiritual realms and deliver mankind. The Archangel Michael is one such Angel. There are Angels in-charge of Protecting God’s people also called as the Guardian Angels, there are Angels that guard little children and so on. 

2. Anointing brings Extra-ordinary Power and Capability in a Person 

The Anointing of God brings supernatural power and ability to a ordinary person. Samson was able to kill a 1000 Philistines by the Jaw bone of a donkey but without the Anointing upon him, he became a mortal and weak man. He cut the ropes that the Philistines tied to him, lifted up the heavy gates on his shoulder, brought down an entire temple with his bare hands. So, if you have the Anointing upon you, you can do great things – heal the sick, raise the dead, run like a deer, pray and fast for days without food and water etc., The possibilities are endless. 

3. You can grow in the Anointing or mature in the Anointing 

Once you have identified that Anointing upon you, you can grow the Anointing till any extent. You can master your gift without limits. The Anointing upon Peter went till such an extent, that people who came in contact with his shadow also were healed. Paul grew so much in his gift that God had to buffet, to keep him under control for the abundance of revelations that were granted to him. His Anointing was to Teach and Preach the Word of God with accompanying Signs and Wonders. 

4. You can seek the Anointing as you desire 

Everyone of us have our own personalities that serve as our Guide to our Dreams and our Ambitions. Some may not like to be Prophets rather they may desire to be as Teachers. Whatever you desire you can seek and pursue and be the person you want to be with the Anointing. 

5.Anointing can be for specific seasons and may Change as God desires. 

Anointing works on certain specific conditions around our spiritual life. For example, a Deliverance Anointing requires a person to be having an active Personal Prayer life and Fasting which is needed in this case. So if the person is not meeting the demand of the Anointing, God may lead the person to change the Anointing under which he or she operates. Another example is of Teachers who are required to excessively study the Bible and if the person isn’t doing this, he may loose the Anointing for it or gather a new one. 

6. Anointing brings Recognition (and they glorified God in me)

The Apostle Paul said, “and they (the Gentiles) glorified God in me…”. The Anointing brings recognition. David was instantly recognized as God’s Anointed servant when he killed the Goliath and all Israel started to praise him. When an Anointing is on a person, he or she cannot go unnoticed. 

7. Anointing brings Grace of God’s Protection and Care over you 

God grants a special status of protective cover to His Anointed ones. The scripture says “Touch not my Anointed and do my Prophets no harm.” God isn’t careless to leave His Anointed ones under the attack of the enemy. Under the call of God, you will be secure and protected by His Grace and His Angels over you. 

8. Anointing is your Victory. 

      The Anointing is the guarantee of victory. It is bound to break barriers and lead you in Victory.          No one in the scripture operating under the Anointing ever failed. They were victorious even            in the face of adverse and impossible circumstances. Scripture says clearly, “The Anointing                shall break the yoke.”

      9.Anointing is your Heavenly Citizenship 

Just as the Angels are recognized by the Anointing that they carry, even we on earth and even in the after life will be recognized by the Anointing that works upon us. It is therefore, our Heavenly Citizenship. 

10. Anointing is a Divine Mandate. It is your Responsibility towards Christ and His Church. 

No Christian can ignore the Anointing. Everyone of us must be under the Anointing, else, we aren’t really Christian. Starting with our faith, the Anointing works in every office and every stage in our Christian Life. In fact, every one who has believed in Jesus, is already under the “Believers” Anointing that Apostle John mentioned in 1 John 2:20-21. 

Do write your comments and feedback if this post has blessed you. Don’t forget the most important and final part of this Bible Study of “The Anointing” in my next post – “Types of Anointing”






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