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Shofar Discipleship Program


The Discipleship Program is a One-to-One program where

Dr. Sumeet MJ will personally mentor the Discipleship process by his vast experience in Ministry.

Inner Healing / Transformation

With his expertise on Philosophy, Dr. Sumeet MJ has led several Disciples to give up / tear down the Inner Barriers of the Soul and has been instrumental in their Transformation.

Making Leaders

Leaders are not only Born, they are Made too. Leadership Skills will be taught and nurtured, personality defects, skill development, knowledge etc., are the focus.

Identifying and Directing the Call of God

Without a Teachers guidance, a lay believer cannot successfully identify the Call of God in his life and be directed into it. A failure to identify one's call can keep the person fruitless in his spiritual life.

Making Ministers

Over the years, Dr. Sumeet MJ has trained several Pastors and Inspired many lay believers into taking up the mantle of Ministry and has overseen them to success in their ministry.

Divine Empowerment (Gifts & Fruit of Spirit)

Teaching on the Gifts of God, Character development and Power Ministry are the focus.

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