Secrets of Spiritual Journey

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We are all on a Journey of Life with its many ups and downs, surprises, trials, happiness, joy and many types of experience. Its all a Journey, a diary we can sum up if we ever have to walk thru our memory lane. Moreover, our Spiritual Walk is also a Journey with God that teaches us many things as God begins to unfold and teach us precept by precept, line by line, a little here and a little there. A spiritual journey is exciting to say the least. Look at David, he was a Shepherd boy, God had a plan in his life, made him to face the bear, lion and then a Goliath and then a Murderous King Saul. For what?? In what God led David through a difficult terrain, he was in fact under training to become the most successful King of all times to stand symbolic to a future King, the LORD JESUS CHRIST who would rule the earth with justice and peace one day in the future.

Spiritual Journeys of God’s people in the Bible have taught a lot of valuable lessons and principles that we can learn and be knowledgeable ourselves.

Each of the Spiritual Journeys in the Bible reveals about how God’s People trekked a difficult path, in quest, in fear, in uncertainty, in threats and dangers, did many mistakes and perfected over them and were ultimately victorious.

This Blog cannot cover the vast lessons in each Journey defined in the Bible. Its for you to do the research on it. However, this post can give a rough guide on the way to go meditating in the Scriptures on Spiritual Journeys. Here is a list of them:

  1. Journey of Noah (Sinai to Mt.Ararat)
  2. Journey of Abraham (Ur to Canaan)
  3. Journey of Abraham’s Servant to Rebekkah House
  4. Journey of Abraham and Isaac to Mount Moriah
  5. The Journey of Isaac (Gerar to Beersheeba)
  6. Journey of Jacob (Canaan to Arabia and Arabia to Canaan)
  7. Journey of Joseph (Canaan to Egypt)
  8. Journey of Moses (Egypt to Median and Median to Egypt)
  9. Journey of Israel (Egypt to Canaan)
  10. Journey of Ruth (Bethlehem to Moab and Moab to Bethlehem)
  11. Journey of David (Jerusalem to Philistine and Philistine to Jerusalem)
  12. Journey of Fallen Israel from Jerusalem to Babylon in Captivity
  13. Journey of Redeemed Israel from Babylon to Jerusalem
  14. Journey of Jonah
  15. Journey of Joseph, the Husband of Mary (Journey to Bethlehem, Bethlehem to Egypt and Egypt to Nazareth)
  16. Apostle Paul’s Missionary Journeys (Missionary Journey 1, 2 and 3)
  17. The Journey of the 12 Apostles of Jesus

Let me briefly meditate here on the Journey of Jonah so that you can also similarly follow meditating on these lines for every Journey defined in the Bible.

The Journey of Jonah:
  • Jonah’s Journey in the Bible to a city Nineveh is a reminder of Disobedience to God’s Command. Jonah was not surrendered to God. He had a call on his life but was not on duty to his call. He disobeyed the LORD and instead went on the way to Tarshish.
  • Secondly, it shows that when God has a call on someone’s life. He doesn’t easily give up. God didn’t give up on Jonah. He shaked him, convinced him and finally made him to realize his mistake. God doesn’t give up on any of us, if only He has got a hold on us
  • Thirdly, Jonah’s disobedience to his call and irresponsibility to his duty hurt those who were around him. It is so with us, when we disobey God not only do we hurt ourselves but our loved ones and others even though they are innocent, they do suffer because of our failure on our call and duty.
  • Fourthly, Jonah’s story reveals about the Obedience of Nature unto God as the Waves obeyed God, the Whale that swallowed Jonah and later spit him out obeyed God, the worm obeyed God and ate up the plant. All these show that Nature fears and obeys God’s command, yet, we humans chose to ignore Him and treat His Word lightly.
  • Sixthly, Jonah’s journey also reveals about the Power of Repentance as he repents in the belly of the whale and is accepted by God and although much time is wasted, he starts all over again. God is willing to offer us Repentance, we may waste some precious time in Sin, however, God gives to us an opportunity to start again.
  • Seventhly, the Journey of Jonah reveals how God is concerned about His creation, His people, cattle and animals and although they may be as dumb as not knowing the difference between what’s in the right hand and in the left. Yet, God accepts when they humble and repent and choses to forgive and restore. The truth is God never desires to punish us but longs to be patient with us to bring us back to Him.

So, like I have meditated in the Journey of Jonah, you must meditate on each of the Journey listed above and learn from them. It shall be a precious resource and light to you. Amen!


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