Steps to Receive the Anointing

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Have you ever been in a Racing Car Game, accelerated the wheels, steered and used the gears. Well, then you must be certainly aware of “Turbo Power” or in some games “Nitro Boost”. Typically, all PC and Mobile car games have an option for Turbo and Nitro Power which is nothing but extra power that is given to you to accelerate more than the normal speed. That’s exactly what Anointing does to you. Anointing is Divine Power to do more than the ordinary. Amen!

Samson had a Nazarite Anointing. When the Anointing came upon him, with a Jaw bone of a donkey, he slew a 1000. When he was locked within the gates, he broke the huge gates of a fortified city and carried it on his shoulders. Lastly, he took hold of the pillars to which he was tied and brought down the pillars killing 3000 of his enemies.

David after he was Anointed as King by Samuel, the prophet did great exploits. He killed the Goliath whom everyone feared. The list is endless of people who were Anointed and so did extraordinary exploits.

The Anointing is divine power that is given by God to accomplish a specified task for God’s Glory.

Isaiah 10:27  …And the yoke will be destroyed because of the anointing oil.

What can the Anointing do in your life?

  • The Anointing breaks down Bondages (difficult circumstances, financial debts, sickness, family problems, legal issues etc.,), Strongholds, Curses and Spells
  • The Anointing destroys every yoke (bondage) that slows you down, depresses you or frustrates your destiny.
  • The Anointing propels you to higher levels and standards.
  • The Anointing brings favor and grace
  • The Anointing brings supernatural strength and power

Steps to receive the Anointing:

Understand your Calling

Jeremiah was predestined to be a Prophet from his mother’s womb (Jeremiah 1:5). Moses was predestined to be a deliverer to Israel, to bring them out of Egypt. Paul was chosen to be an Apostle. David was chosen and Anointed to be the King of Israel.

There’s an Anointing that is predestined by God upon some people. They had knowledge of their calling and so were certain about their ministry. If God has called you for a certain area, task, people, place or purpose and you feel empowered within then that’s what you are called to do. Accept it and look no further. Work only within the Anointing for which you are called.

Desire for an Anointing

Contrary to the Predestined Anointing that some receive, God also gives a choice or preference to a few others to choose their own preferred ministry or task and ask for the Anointing. Nehemiah felt a burden in his heart to build the broken walls of Jerusalem. He prayed and sought God for divine power to do this and the LORD blessed him and gave him the Anointing to build the Jerusalem wall in 52 days.

Some people desire to be Prophets and they ask the LORD for a Prophetic Anointing and God honors them by giving to them as per their desire. So be clear as to what you want to become and accordingly Fast and Pray to receive an Anointing.

(The above is a short extract out of the detailed Teaching on “Anointing” by Pastor Sumeet Manakan.)

The Teaching archive covers the following topics:

  • Steps to receive the Anointing
  • Nature of Anointing
  • Recognizing the Anointing
  • Operating in the Anointing

The Anointing from God is Pre-destined and also Preferred or Desired.

  • Decide the type of Anointing

Steps to receive Anointing:

  •  Decide on what kind of Anointing you desire.

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