Ways to handle the Killer Depression

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We all have been hearing so much in the news of how “Depression” caused many of precious lives to be cut short by leading them to Suicide. Of late the issues related to “Mental Health” have gained interest and curiosity to many. The case of Sushant Sing Rajput, a successful Indian Actor, Robin Williams a great actor and comedian in the US, and celebrity Chef and TV host Anthony Bourdain who took his own life at 61 raised many a eyebrow on the

cause and effects and remedies to Depression.

Most of the cases involved in Depression leading to Suicide had to do with people failing to handle a low period after staying for a long time in Success. There are other factors that have contributed to Depression such as Isolation, Loneliness, Financial Turmoil, Loss of a close Relative or Family member, Stress and so on. Each of these factors could have been handled but its victims simply were either unaware or refused to seek a remedy to overcome.

Signs that you are under Depression:

  • Not able to enjoy the tasks that you used to enjoy before.
  • Irritable, Angry, Restless, Withdrawn, wanting to spend time Alone and so on.
  • Feeling of Unworthiness, Running Away, Overthinking, Negative Thinking, etc.,
  • Voices in the Head.

Remedies to Depression:

Leading Psychiatrists have compiled some of ways in which turbulent emotional situations can be handled. I am listing a few,

  • Sincerely seek Help from a confidante, relative or an outsider.
  • Lose shame or kill the shame and be brave to face the hurt.
  • Keep no qualms about anyone, express your heart to anyone and everyone.
  • Accept the Reality of the Problem and be ready to live a modest life when it’s a downturn. Eat less, Spend less. Be modest.
  • Be yourself, don’t try to mast another face, hide and cover rather uncover your emotions and be real not superficial.
  • Take the blames to bloom instead of going under the accusation, rejection or insult. Rise up to ride on the Waves of the roaring seas instead of ducking under them.
  • Remember those who Love you, stick close to them, encourage yourself through them and stay motivated. Everyone has someone who loves or cares for them. In the rare situation of no one being there, learn to love yourself.
  • No one hates you. Realize that it’s a difficult and competitive world which all go through. Don’t take anyone’s words personal.
  • Meet a counsellor / psychiatrist or dial a Suicide prevention helpline.
  • Reconnect with friends, family, relatives and outsiders and be willing to share and express.
  • Seek spiritual solace in places of worship and involve yourself in charity, songs, sermons / discourses, views and so on.
  • If there are voices in the head resounding and tormenting, speak against those voices, resist them by speaking life and optimism. Declare, Confess, Say it Aloud, Be bold.
  • Keep your body and mind healthy by exercise and meditation and relaxation by taking deep breaths and so slowing your heart rate and anxiety. Practice regularly. Follow a healthy and a light diet.


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